About Us

In the years following Katrina our nation has seen a barrage of ethically challenged contractors. Everyday homeowners and commercial organizations alike experienced contractor horror stories that were as shocking as a two by four over the head.

In these economically unpredictable times, shouldn't there be contractors you can trust?

Our Guarantee

Coastal States Contractors pride themselves on being honest and competitive master craftsmen. Many companies cut corners and claim to be “cost effective” at the expense of durable and solid craftsmanship. We aim to set a higher standard! We can promise you written guarantees, no under the table deals, great references and no pressure business dealings.

It's a big decision who to entrust your money, investments and your business or home to. You can protect yourself by being informed so feel free to e-mail us with any question you may have. Our combined years of diverse experience will allow you to feel at ease in Coastal States Contractors capable hands.